Global VPS — Privacy Policy Statement

Global VPS CEO & Founder- Michael Thompson (me) released the following statement today as a few customers & clients have asked about the privacy of their virtual-private server.

All clients & customers of Global VPS will not be allowed to use botnets as we will track the connections between the servers. Your IP location & address is stored in encrypted storage in the Dedicated Server and placed into the Administrative Panel for all of the Global VPS Datacenter staff to review or see, if a problem is occurring they must be granted by the Security Team before reviewing the IP Connections between Global VPS.

  • Your website information will not be tracked, it will be stored in a data storage though in our administrative panel for our police agencies to review if a sort of problem occurs.
  • None of your information (the “clients” or referred as “customers”) will be sold or reviewed by third-party contractors. It will remain with us in our secret Administrative Panel.
  • Our servers are fully-secured and you will have root access and privileges. Your VPS may be monitored if an issue has been reported or a problem is occuring on your VPS and we will ask for permission before reviewing it. We will be able to directly connect, but you will receive an email before we proceed.
  • OS Reloads are unlimited, your device or operating system may be compatible with other hardware that other services will not be compatible with. If you have any questions on that just contact our support team.
  • Our services allows us to remotely update and push updates to all systems.
  • A formal & direct privacy policy will be created shortly, and will be announced globally.
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