Changelog — 5/5/17

Center City has had a couple of updates today, and we would like to tell you a bit about those updates. This may feel like a short changelog because it may seem we haven’t added a lot when we have.

  • A new staff member named “Mike” is now welcomed and is now at our facility he will work in the office and is becoming the Director of Internet Technology (IT) at Center City he will manage all the servers while we are busy developing and reporting to me every week of the downtime.
  • We have enhanced the badge security and all staff will have to now use 2 Step Auth to prevent hacking and abuse. (The new bot will send you a notification to prove that you are the account owner if your account is accessed by a new IP address which will go to your account’s email).
  • We have created an ID for the badges to prevent any problems in the future with badges and to make sure they belong to the correct staff member we have added also a new feature where it lists the badges and one can overlap the other depending on your badge role.
  • We have created a User ID for the new server commands and a Server ID for the identification of the server so we can track the logs of that server on our database.
  • We have added a feature where you can enter the server ID and connect when you are in a different server and do not want to exit to go back to the main menu/server list.
  • We have now added a command where you can use a prefix in the chat to place users to a different verified server but must be verified by the user before placing you can also you the following things to place people (nonadmins — will place the non admins of your server, admins — will place all the admins in the server, all — will place all the users even if nonadmins or admins).
  • A new chat filter and a feature where you can use prefix in chat to run commands and access a command list with a GUI. The default prefix is “:”
  • The current following commands are “kill, adminlist, unadmin, modlist, ownerlist, unmod, unowner, forcefield, god, ungod, unforcefield, logs, shutdownlogs, shutdow, c-music <on/off>”
  • We may be starting game night streams to introduce the new features of Center City and get users pumped! We will have a new member of the Staff team doing this that is in the office.
  • We have added some custom songs to the game to enhance players and their awesome music. We have added a pause and play button and volume control. You can turn the music off by saying a command you must be admin to use the command.
  • We have added customized uniforms that server owners or moderators can make people wear or when they join the server it auto makes them that uniform. We have added customized server capes (donator only or admin only) and other animations to the game.
  • Arm movement like saluting a soldier or any other arm movement animation.
  • Awesome cars with awesome and beast textures and awesome gun animations and textures and building animations and light traffic animations and textures and awesome car and animation textures.
  • We have fixed PMs (Direct Messages) and have added a new privacy filter for users to only allow their “Friends to message them, No one to message them or Allow Everyone to Message Them” also for certain servers.
  • Fixed server privacy settings and server settings and you can now switch the server your game is hosted on with no downtime.
  • A new user named “Johnny the Doe” is a verified staff bot or notification bot inside the game to notify you about stuff like bans, game suspensions and other notifications.
  • Copyright claims have been created for the game to prevent users stealing real company names.
  • We now have better image hosting for the servers and it is a lot smoother to upload images such as your avatar image (profile image) and your server image.
  • If your server get’s suspended you will have a alert in your server console also notifying you.
  • Changed the .bat start up to a .exe startup instead for better storage needs and fixing up problems, also server icon in the console too.
  • Better console configuration, you can set your IP/port or change your motd on your server from your console or run commands through your console too.
  • MOTD has been added for servers and color formatting has been added into the motd.
  • We have added a new awesome studio program that now works but is still in the working and partly works, you can now build on the map or add new cars from the mod list/plugin list.

We need the communities help with a problem we are having, we are trying to develop a neat sexy website for our members or visitors of the website, but I (Bob the Builder) do not know how to use HTML or CSS correctly. We are trying to add website interaction and animations to the website to make it stand out and make it look nice. We are also trying to make the website neat where you can use the website to apply for a Partnership, Staff application, Beta Tester application or do appeals. (Note: If you could provide us with any help or support or know anyone that could develop the website for us, please direct message me.)

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