Changelog — 4/29/17

Center City has had a couple of updates today, and we would like to tell you a bit about those updates. This may feel like a short changelog because it may seem we haven’t added a lot when we have.

  • You can now, see game information and client information.
  • Staff can now use a verify command or they can use the moderator panel to verify themselves, it gives them all power in your server and also logs what they do in Audit Logs in your server it also shows a image of Center City badge on their head.
  • You can search for server names or you can use filters to find certain servers in the server list.
  • You can also direct connect to servers with a port and an IP (
  • Configuration changes to servers such as a new better config.yml and StartServer.bat file.
  • Debug server option has been added into the configuration change.
  • You can now change your server’s icon or avatar in the server configuration. You must put a icon.png in your server files to have the server avatar show unless it will show a default image with Center City.
  • A new configuration change has been added (AllowReporting) for Google Analytics.

We need the communities help with a problem we are having, we are trying to develop a neat sexy website for our members or visitors of the website, but I (Bob the Builder) do not know how to use HTML or CSS correctly. We are trying to add website interaction and animations to the website to make it stand out and make it look nice. We are also trying to make the website neat where you can use the website to apply for a Partnership, Staff application, Beta Tester application or do appeals. (Note: If you could provide us with any help or support or know anyone that could develop the website for us, please direct message me.)

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