Changelog — 4/28/17

Center City has had a couple of updates today, and we would like to tell you a bit about those updates. This may feel like a short changelog because it may seem we haven’t added a lot when we have.

  • We have added a sub-reddit.
  • We have added a feature for staff members in the organization and special outside organizations such as (Discord) to be able to hide their badge to remain anonymous and rename themselves.
  • We have added City Squad — the members of City Squad will represent Center City and the amazing game features that it has, we also are having a badge in-game for members in the City Squad.
  • We are adding for official Discord staff members a Discord badge for members of the Discord staff team. (Note: If you are a verified Discord staff member and do you not have a Discord staff badge, please contact me.)
  • Re-coding has been in-effect in fixing up the code and making it available for other tiers or softwares to be able to run.
  • No results found has been added to the game and maybe website.
  • Customized music has been added for chillaxing to the radio in the cars on the game. You can turn off the radio by doing F1
  • Siren controls have been fixed and have been changed to F2
  • Light controls have been fixed and changed to F3
  • Website has been changed and enhanced.
  • Badges have been added.
  • Branding has been added for any server that is verified, you must pay to remove the branding from your server, we will also have a live chat that will be added shortly, but the branding has been added.
  • Mod panel and Developer panel has been edited for the branding feature, we will log this action just to let you know moderators.
  • Owners panel has been edited for the payment purchase that is secure on our game for the removal of the branding.
  • We have added player customization on how you look and what hats you have.
  • We have added a money currency, it’s called City bucks lmao… You can now buy these via the game purchase shop the game owner can modify this option and disable it.
  • You can purchase hats, shirts, pants and animations inside of the game to make you look awesome and you can now buy weapons to kill people or use to self defend you.
  • Licenses are now required in the game to drive cars, buy businesses, or do any action inside the game that requires on. A pop-up will show and tell you what license you will need or requests if you would like to buy it at that time.
  • You can create outfits and you can create awesome houses and now buy houses that are available. Saving is now working on the game, game options have been changed and fixed to enhance the saving feature.
  • New updates will be available shortly, the updater has been fixed and enhanced. We are currently working on the login system and we have fixed major security flaws on the game and servers to enhance the game and the login system. We will be creating a “Reset Password” feature or a “Forgot Password” feature to reset your password.
We need the communities help with a problem we are having, we are trying to develop a neat sexy website for our members or visitors of the website, but I (Bob the Builder) do not know how to use HTML or CSS correctly. We are trying to add website interaction and animations to the website to make it stand out and make it look nice. We are also trying to make the website neat where you can use the website to apply for a Partnership, Staff application, Beta Tester application or do appeals. (Note: If you could provide us with any help or support or know anyone that could develop the website for us, please direct message me.)
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