Changelog — 4/21/17

Center City has had a couple of updates today, and we would like to tell you a bit about those updates. This may feel like a short changelog because it may seem we haven’t added a lot when we have.

  • A timer has been set for Emergency Switches to be turned on and to stop all the services on the API if a maintenance is turned on.
  • An enhanced error will show up during a maintenance or problem connecting to a server. We will identify these error variables later in a announcement or in a later changelog once we get all this done
  • We have found a security flaw or issue in our server owner system which has been fixed and pushed to all unofficial servers.
  • We can now push and edit server files more better and even push updates without the owner being on their computer. If a file that we want to delete is requiring administrative power than we cannot access it.
  • We can now edit server slots for a current server you are using the Moderator panel on to edit them.
  • We now record live stats it records the uptime of the server and all of it’s players and stats of the overview of the server.
  • Adam B. is our Legal Advisor and Software Analyst and he has already found and fixed some issues with the game, congrats!
  • We have fixed temp. shutdown servers due to slot overload.
  • We have enhanced for all devices the amount data in the map and scripts.
  • We are doing a full code overview and making it shorter to run smoother.
  • We now have a Social Media Associate that answers and helps everyone with Social Media support. (User is not on Discord, just ask me if you have any questions for him).
  • We have an enhanced announcement system that we have made for the servers that pops-up a announcement gui with a alert sound.
  • An auto updater has been installed on all servers to process the game and update services better.
  • Verified database has been fixed.
  • Loot has been fixed, where players now drop loot. Server Owners may change this.
  • Server music has been enabled, we are creating custom music.
  • Kicking and Banning has enhanced.
  • Blacklist for users that are naughty has been fixed and notification.
  • Remote shutdown for servers on a certain list.
Proof of Discord verified game in the database.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff members.

NOTE: Once the badges have been finished by the Graphics Designer we will post them here, check back later for them. We are still looking for some Partnerships/Sponsorships remember if you partner us we give you a awesome promotional code.

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