Changelog — 4/16/17

Center City has had a couple of updates today, and we would like to tell you a bit about those updates. This may feel like a short changelog because it may seem we haven’t added a lot when we have.

  • Once a server has reached the user limit it will have a different server-icon then you have picked and it will notify the staff members that you need more slots. It will say that there is a “Temporary server outage”.
One of the outage images.
  • Port forwarding is now enabled and available for all platforms on the game (multiplayer server owners may now port forward).
  • We have now slots for users to play. The default amount of slots is 20.
  • We are currently making a live stats that records the uptime of the server and all of it’s players and stats of the overview of the server.
  • “ We we’re messing around with the verified servers and the badges that are currently being created we have put placeholders until we get official badges. We will have the bot look on how many slots a server has, and it will be updated you must tell me the max slots you have the default is 20 and is recommended at 35 slots.”
  • Updates are a lot more smoother.
Update Icon for Center City update pusher.

We are still looking for Partnerships and we are still awaiting for our badges. We have put placeholder badges for right now.

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